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Monday, October 06, 2008

Life in Canada

Two photos completely unrelated to each other, except for the fact that they arrived in my inbox this morning.

First off, this is where I live. Far, far away from civilization, not a soul around for... oh wait, you can see the houses on the beach? All right, this is right around the corner from my house.

And this one, well, I have to confess I've been following the American election more closely than our own Canadian one, and then I see this photo.

Of course, my first thought was to insert Dick Cheney's face in place of Prime Minister Harper, and then I zoomed in on the image to see if Mr. Harper was drooling, or if I could see the bloodlust in his eyes... maybe some sign that he was planning on slurping the lifeblood out of the kitten, but no, nothing. Musta been photoshopped out.

Yes, it IS that cheesy.


Blogger Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

i just uploaded this creepiness as my new profile pic on FB. thank you...

hope you guys are well!
coming yr way next weekend. you guys in town?

11:42 AM


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