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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Milo has slept through the whole night for, like, ten days in a row. The way I see it, who cares if he's kinda fussy in the daytime. Maybe he's just active. He sure seems to be waking up from newborn world and noticing more and more every day.

That's not to say he doesn't have a downside. Erin chronicled a few of them on her blog, and the Google Ads on the side of her page, which are selected automatically based on the blog content, showed "Heart Attack Symptoms," and "Stop Angina and Strokes." I know that all new parents worry this much, and I know why: babies have sophisticated survival systems.

First of all is the cuteness. Do you know the old joke, "Why are babies so cute?" "So you don't kick 'em." Why am I the only one who knows that joke? Anyway, the cuteness is obivious and effective, inspiring strangers to act irrationally making absurd faces. The other strategy is the crying.

Everyone hates the sound of babies crying. It inspires near panic in some people, including, at times, me. I heard a pre-natal class teacher say that her friend used to bring in and play a tape of a baby crying for exactly three minutes then ask everyone how long the baby just cried for. No one ever guessed under six minutes. If you've seen the film Eraserhead, by David Lynch, you know what I mean. I recall the baby crying for the entire movie but I think it's only about seventeen minutes.

That being said, he's been stunningly cry-free all day today. And Erin says she saw him smile. Happy Two Months Old, Milo!


Blogger Jan & Cindy said...

Happy 2 months as well! We noticed that the google ads on Erin's blog at one point read, "Cure Sleep Deprivation" and the like. It was all quite amusing, not the sleep deprivation that she was experiencing of course, but the way in which the ads tried to conform to the web content ;).

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