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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Milo is more reckless

Parents: try not to confuse your children. Give them one option, or they'll make a mish-mash of what they hear.

Trains, for instance, should say "choo-choo" or "chugga-chugga," but not both. According to Milo, they now say "chooga-chooga." Yup, scarred for life.

Look, his little mouth is right in the middle of a "chooga."

Oh yeah, I said reckless. But first, let us comment on the fashion sense. Blaze orange diapers, complimented by shiny Spider-man rain boots. A daredevil's worksuit.

And he's workin' it... trick ridin' on the trike, standing on a wobbly wheeled object... this is going to end well...

In a completely unrelated incident, here's a partially healed split lip. Have you seen how much blood comes outta those things?

And by "completely unrelated," I mean same recklessness, different day, with just a tad less coordination.


Anonymous Stephanie said...

Holeeee, no mistaking Milo! At first, he looked all Erin to me, but now he's such a combo of you both! Can't wait to see him again.... it's been a LONG time!!!!

5:14 PM

Blogger LaurieD said...

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10:19 PM

Blogger LaurieD said...

I see an IKEA train set! We have one too. Brett loves it, but after we showed him the figure eight, he wanted a figure nine, ten, etc. Gotta buy another set if we're going to make all the numbers.

Can't believe how big Milo's getting! And he does look like both of you!

10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God Milo is huge! I think by some genetic miracle he went from infant to age 4! Now can he use the toilet?

Mommy L

9:04 PM


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