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Monday, April 23, 2007

Milo likes the Vancouver Aquarium

Man, the Vancouver Aquarium rocks. Most especially on the second Saturday of every month when they open it early for members (members with kids who get up at 5:30 a.m.) and run special programs for kids.

Regular days are great too, but that early opening means we can spend all morning there and get home in time for a nap.

Look up, Waaaay up... and see the flying dolphin!

Everyone loves the otters. One of the otters is actually named Milo too! Now we just have to figure out which one so we can love him best.

Raffi is verboten. Don't even THINK of singing it. Just admire the belugas (or "boogas," in Milo-speak) and watch how cool they are.

Milo's favourite? The big sea lion. I think because it has "lion" in its name, and because we saw him roar and breathe his stinky fishy moist breath all over the people beside us. That was cool.


Anonymous Tania said...

Hello hello...I've been checking your blog and glad to hear that all's well...when the two sea otters are on their backs holding hands, Milo is the one with less white hair...he's about 7 and the other is in her teens and, like us, they go grey as they get older...things you learn when you volunteer at Vanaqua...I hear Spinnaker is going to be a dad - how exciting. Say hi to Erin for me...

7:09 PM


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