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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Costa Rica Last Full Day

Wow, I'm done. Had to cut a ton of photos, but at least it's finished. That's kind of how we felt after the vacation too. Exhausting, but oh-so-worth it. I just hope Milo remembers, and if he doesn't, we'll just show him a thousand photos. (Or go again!)

We walked around San Jose, and played in the park. Stupid Lonely Planet said the Museum of Shapes, Sounds, and Spaces (very kid-friendly) was open on Sundays. Not. The park was awesome. And Milo loved saying "statue" -- I don't think I've seen a park with more statues and monuments so close together.

Right behind the plants is the door to our room, where Milo is sleeping. And right under the bar is the fridge filled with beer. We met the bar owner who told us that if no one was around, just take the beer and pay him later. What a great place. And Costa Rica has some of the best beer outside of Canada.

This is morning just outside our room. Milo's a little milk-drunk and happy as can be.

And oh yeah, it's Christmas time! The tree in the city square was a nice reminder. It's easy to forget when the weather is this nice!


Anonymous Costa Rican said...

Everything comes to an end... Anyway, great pictures! You can post them on the Costa Rica Forum.

4:29 PM


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