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Friday, March 02, 2007

Costa Rica Days are numbered...

It's the morning after the wedding, and we're all hanging out in front of the house. Some are waiting for cabs, others are just drinking coffee and enjoying the weather. But for some reason, everyone is looking up...

Wow, a big sloth, in the biggest tree in the driveway, and the furry guy is really moving!

Every other sloth we saw just looked like a big lump of fur atttached to the tree, but this one must have found some coffee beans somewhere.

When we got back to our place, they still hadn't fixed the air conditioner. Milo found his own answer to that problem.

And on the day we left, Milo made some friends! They all swam and laughed together in the pool, and the cutie on the right shared her birthday cake with Milo! Muchas gracias!

Okay, the vacation is winding down here. We headed back to San Jose that day, and the cooler weather was perfect.

Only a few photos to go, then we're back to the real world! (Speaking of which, riding my bike to work in the snow on the first of March in Vancouver seems pretty surreal...)


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