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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Google news makes fun of the Canadian Mint

So this is what Google News showed me today.

There's an article from the Toronto Star pointing out that the mint paid a consultant $2 million dollars to tell them that by firing 100 people they could save almost $8 million dollars.

And right underneath that story, what do we see? A headline that says the mint is spending $2 million dollars to make a giant 100-kilogram gold coin that's worth $1 million dollars.

I know, $2 million worth of gold to make a $1 million dollar coin?

Surely, you see how they could save a million bucks there too... but they're actually selling the coin for $2.25 million dollars, so they'll be making a profit. Too bad about those jobs, though.

Hey, I know a consultant who might like to buy one...


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