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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Costa Rica Day Five

Okay, here we go. More pics less chatter. First up, on our way to Manuel Antonio National Park, some scenery.

And welcome to the rainforest (tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, not the temperate rainforest we enjoy on the Wet Coast of British Columbia). It's a sloth. In action. Or inaction, if you prefer.

Ladies and gentlemen, here, for your edification and entertainment pleasure, posing for the cover of their new album, an up-and-coming three-piece from Quepos, The Iguanas!

So we were walking through the park, and heard some wild boars snorting and roaring down by the river. Silly tourists, those ungodly sounds are Howler Monkeys. And they don't howl.

Too bad my pics of them look like dodgy photos of Bigfoot blurrily traveling through the trees. Instead, here'a white-faced Capuchin monkey. Cuter. And less blurry.

Milo on my shoulders.


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