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Monday, January 08, 2007

Costa Rica Day Four

Okay, I'm seriously falling behind here. At this rate, I'll have Christmas photos up sometime next month.

Our first monkey! Better pics to come...

Milo out at dinner. One thing we're grateful for, as parents, is that he loves hats. He's never taken his sun hats or toques off, and sometimes yells when we try to remove it. Here, he's stolen his Poppa's hat and is happy to wear the large one while eating some snacks that were doled out by the overexposed floating hands.

The family photo! Wow, I actually have three of these in a row and they're all great pics. I guess being in Costa Rica makes EVERYBODY happy!

This restaurant, Barba Roja, or "Redbeard," was probably my favourite one in town. Too bad we only got there once. Milo LOVED the skull and crossbones -- he points out the Jolly Roger now whenever he sees one. Must be the Pirate genes coming through!


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like Chloe's sox

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