Feelin' Genki

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bigger and cuter... and more dangerous!

Yeah, he sure looks older here. See how the hat matches the fleece pullover? That wasn't an accident... I MEANT for him to coordinate.

By the way, that's not a garbage can on his shirt, as more than one person has suggested, it's actually a penguin in a scarf. A green penguin. I assume it's to encourage his imagination, since we all know the idea of green penguins is clearly insane.

What's that? The button on the George Foreman grill makes a beeping noise and turns lights on? Hey buddy, it also heats big metal plates up to 300 degrees. Or at least it used to, before I unplugged it. Bye George, you're the greatest asparagus griller I've ever seen. But you're too dangerous!

Look closely, and you'll see Milo standing on top of a bamboo steamer plate so he can get a better look at George. Man, that boy is clever.

Enjoy it now, Milo, because with Daddy's genes, you'll be seven feet tall by your next birthday.


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