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Monday, November 20, 2006

They go together like children and beer

We've got a lot of Japanese memorabilia floating around our house -- that's what you get from spending years living there.

One thing we've saved is our collection of "kiddie sized" beer cans, still full of fine Japanese beer. They're not intended for children, of course, it's just that the tiny 200ml cans (which are about the size of a small juice box) seem ridiculous to us pint-drinkers.

The funny thing is that they're the perfect sized can for a two-year-old to play with. Even if you're not quite one-and-a-half.

And no, he's never actually tasted beer or any other kind of alcohol, but I swear, he knows EXACTLY what to do when he turns 19. I still don't know what this facial expression is all about, but it's awesome.


Anonymous Stephanie said...

You mustn't have noticed, but he definitely cracked one of those cans.

5:08 PM


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