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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Costa Rica Day One

Okay, I should try to do some justice to the beautiful nation of Costa Rica, which is a totally different place than Puerto Rico -- a fact that our Seattle cab driver didn't quite get.

Okay, hit the road, Jack, and it's three hours from Vancouver to Sea-Tac. Avoiding I-5 during rush hour is a good idea... by taking the other route around Lake Washington, we saved some time, and it rejoins I-5 right by the airport.

Let's just skip over the redeye from Seattle to Miami (super crowded, Milo fidgeted on our laps all night) and the shorter, roomier Miami to San Jose (he fell asleep before takeoff and slept the whole way on his own seat) and get to the good part: Welcome to San Jose, capital of Costa Rica!

While Mom and Dad were schlepping luggage up to the rooms, Poppa and Gramma were putting Milo in the pool. With his pants on. With beer present. Welcome to your vacation!

Then, it's comfy time in the hammock. They both had a short nap here, in the comfiest hammock we'd have the whole trip.

Time to go to dinner. A short walk down the hill, past the Denny's, and we get our first Costa Rican food.

Of course, on the way, we get the first bit of rainforest nature: leaf-cutter ants. Many, many, ants in a long long road. Actually, two lanes, northbound and southbound, that split and rejoined on either side of the sidewalk.

Pretty cool! And they live down a storm drain. It rained overnight, and they were out again the next day, back to work. (They look really cute when they're carrying tiny yellow flowers too.)

End of Day One. Sleep at last!


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