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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let it snow!

Snowstorm in November? In Vancouver? It might as well be snowing in Florida... which, in fact, it did earlier this year. Methinks Al Gore might be on to something with this whole climate change idea.

But in Vancouver our foot of snow is losing its battle with the Wet Coast Express. We live in a rainforest, not a snowforest. The snow was lovely, but Vancouver's three snow removal machines weren't up to the task and the snow made biking difficult.

Even today, the snow and ice on the sidestreets make my bike ride more exciting than usual today, or that could have been the three idiots who ran stop signs in futile attempts to kill me.

Note to self: Invent cyclist clothing fitted with sharp spiky bits and little jars of acetone so that when cars hit you, it REALLY wrecks their paint job. The best defense is a good offense.

Anyway, while the snow was dry, fluffy, and beautiful, Milo was out in it. Bundled so tight he could barely move.

And he ate his first snow.

Later on, he threw snow in the air and got his first sled ride, courtesy of a neighbourhood boy named Arjun, whose silly faces cracked Milo up as well. Thanks Arjun!


Blogger Jan & Cindy said...

Oh my oh my. What's the scary white stuff? "Snow," you say? Are you sure it's safe for children? Did you ask your pediatrician first before you let him put it in his mouth? Feeding him stale Japanese beer is one thing, but something doesn't seem quite natural about eating clumpy white flecks found lying on the ground. You really should watch that.

I have another question. Who is Steve Jones and why is he blogging at http://diaperpail.blogspot.com/?

5:01 PM


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