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Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Milo Learned

We're back.

After 12 glorious days in beautiful Costa Rica (and part of one night in a Seattle hotel) we're finally home in Vancouver and glad to see the snow all gone.

Top 10 Words Milo learned to say in Costa Rica:

Gecko (if only we had geckos in Canada)
Happy ("Happy happy happy happy happy!")
No (but he uses it sarcastically!)
Cookie (And he hasn't seen Sesame Street yet)
Up (also means "down")

And he'll "oo-oo-oo ee-ee-ee" like a monkey on command too.

Pics soon -- too tired after drving back from Seattle to do anything last night and I suspect it'll take iPhoto a while to download 800 pics from my two memory cards.


Blogger Daddy L said...

Welcome back guys! Look forward to seeing the pics soon.

9:29 AM

Blogger Jan & Cindy said...

You guys went to Costa Rica?! Oh my, we really need to be in touch. You almost fled the country and we didn't even know!

Love you all and happy holidays!!!

2:36 AM


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