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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Colts vs. Bears

Let us pause for a moment and give our observations on the Super Bowl.

The Bears haven't been in a Super Bowl since I was 15. Yes, I remember The Fridge and the craptacular Super Bowl Shuffle. Please, no more. Even retro, it's not funny.

And I was one year and four days old the last time the Colts Formerly Known As Baltimore had a shot at it.

This year, it's the Indianapolis Colts' offense (Peyton et al, even though an improved team defense is what got them through the playoffs) vs. the Bears great defense (but didn't their offense score more points than the Colts this year?), or so the media tells us.

Peyton vs. Urlacher. (Hello? I'm Rex Grossman? Doesn't anyone care about me? The Rodney Dangerfield of Chicago?)

The interesting thing, from my point of view, is finding out who my nephews Aidan and Anthony are cheering for. They live in Indiana (a couple hours north of Indy) but they're only four hours south of Chicago, their Mom's hometown and where most of their relatives live.

I have to admit, I'm more into the big game this year than other years because of the connection. And because I got a great Indianapolis Colts toque for Christmas, and Milo got an AWESOME Bears warmup suit. We're wearing both every day this week, and we even have a wager on the game.

If the Colts win, I get to tickle him silly, and if the Bears win, he gets to inherit most of my worldly possessions. So come on,... whoever!

P.S. Colts by 20. Not even close.


Anonymous Meg said...

You are SO WRONG!

9:08 AM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

Now now, don't let emotion overcome logic.

It's not like it was the Colts vs. Mike Ditka, at 92 years old, on one leg, after 19 beers. (All together, now,... "Da Bears.")

9:30 AM


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