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Monday, February 26, 2007

Using Google Analytics to track keyword referrals

Okay, Google Analytics just got a whole lot more useful to me, thanks to Doug's blog at webdev101.com.

Now that I know what I'm being found for, I'm going to write more on my blog about those keywords. And THAT is what SEO is all about.

(Oh, don't get me started on SEO... I'm setting up a couple of sites on the topic to share my infinite knowledge...)

Here's how to find out what search terms are sending visitors to your site:

1. Go to All Reports on the left side –> Marketing Optimization –> Visitor Segment Performance

2. Choose the referring source report

3. If Google is one of your referring sources you will find it in the list with a red dot to the left of the number rank with two up arrows in it.

4. Click that red dot and select “Cross-Segment Performance” which will open up another menu, which you can select “Keyword” from.

5. This will show you a list of keywords that users use to get to your site, and how many times people have used it etc.

Thanks to Doug for this incredibly useful information - I would never have known where Google Analytics kept this info - and aside from being entertaining to bloggers, it's ESSENTIAL that business owners know what search terms people were typing into the search box that led them to their site.

As Doug said, "Makes you wonder how many other really good reports are buried away in the tool?"


Blogger Douglas said...

Thanks for the link! I have found this report extremely useful (now that I found it).

It's amazing to see what people are actually searching for to get to your site.


4:59 AM


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