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Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Canflix Flixlist

Why are people searching for "Canflix Flixlist" coming to my blog?

I just learned how to track my keyword referrals in Google Analytics (the one area where I thought Statcounter was better) and found that I regularly get visitors looking for that topic.

I joined Canflix a while ago, and still subscribe, although with Milo, we don't watch nearly as many movies as we used to. Sleep is more important.

That said, does anyone have any movies to recommend? We just saw Slither and Little Miss Sunshine (both are highly recommended by both of us) and it looks like Canflix just sent us Monster House. Oops.

I like watching animation, but I think I just forgot to get rid of this one. Oh well, I don't expect much and sometimes those kind of movies surprise you.

I just updated my Canflix Flixlist (takes about five minutes over a lunch hour or a coffee) and now have For Your Consideration, Equilibrium, and the Trailer Park Boys movies on there. And Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. It's gonna rock.


Blogger Daddy L said...

We just saw Traffic. It's not a new release, but a good movie.

Because I can't log into your list, here are a few we've seen recently, some old, some new.

Saving Face
Walk the Line
The Matador
A History of Violence
American Movie


8:52 AM

Blogger leafygrass said...

Hey Rob! We've signed up for Canflix too! I like it.

You'd probably enjoy "The Illusionist", and "A Prairie Home Companion" was pretty good.

"Little Miss Sunshine" was great. We also saw "The Devil Wears Prada" which was not bad.

I'll second the motion on "Water" and "Walk The Line". The latter was really exceptional considering the actors did all their own singing.

See ya!

6:05 PM


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