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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best Internet Meme Since Bloodninja

The Ballad of Douche Quadbike. That's not what the original video was called (that's here), but the response to this guy spamming links all over the internet has turned this into the best story I've read in a while.

1. Watch this (barf bag handy).
2. Then, the video response by Sanchez that started it all.
3. And, to heighten your pleasure and waste even more of your time, take a look at the Cracked forum.

Hope that brightens your day. Wipe away your tears of laughter and go about your business.

Oh, and of course, there's the Hitler version too...

Oh, and in case you are unfamiliar with the work of Bloodninja, here you go: The Bloodninja Chronicles. Be sure to put on your robe and wizard hat.


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