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Monday, August 29, 2005

Plugging Away

Here, in no particular order, are several items that are almost blog topics but that, for various reasons, I don't have time to do justice.

Erin and I took Milo to the beach the other day - his first trip to the beach ever and my first of the year, if you don't count the Kindergarten class I took to the beach in June. That one doesn't count because it wasn't exactly relaxing. Now what, you may say, is a person in freakin' Vancouver doing going to the beach for the first time at the end of August? Aaah, Milo.

While at the beach, he had his second date with a future romantic possibility and seemed to dig her. Korae is eleven days the older woman and showed a lot more interest in Milo than she did last time. I think she's falling for him.

Hello wider blogging community. Now I have people all over linking to my blog and inspiring me to stay current. Do you feel the pressure?

I mailed off three more resumes today. Yes, I feel like I accomplished something. And yes, I'm a little freaked out at being unemployed at the end of August. There are lots of postings out there, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, and I intended the title of this blog to be a whine about how terrible I feel about giving Milo a soother when he clearly wants one but strangely enough, here, sitting in the silence and watching him half asleep in his little rocking bassinet, I just don't care. Man, he's cute.


Blogger LaurieD said...

Pretty sure those aren't Milo's toes......

9:31 PM

Blogger cooljerk said...

Ahhhh...I see you couldn't resist the lists at Mcsweeney's. I spent about an hour laughing at them yesterday before I posted the one for you and Erin.

I suppose your latest post could have been one of them: Things People Could Blog About, But Just Can't Be Bothered...

1. TomKat
2. That time I went to the Dept of Motor Vehicles with Kevin to renew my license.
3. Flyfishing
4. Blogs
Oh never mind, I'm on to Podcasts now...

9:15 AM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

Also from McSweeney's:

Words That Would Make Nice Names For Babies If It Weren't For Their Unsuitable Meanings

by Stephany Aulenback

For Girls


For Boys


9:37 AM


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