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Monday, September 25, 2006

Good times on the weekend

First of all, in my last entry I posted a picture of Milo behind the wheel. It's really more impressive when you see what he's driving: Poppa's 1935 Chevy pickup that he rebuilt from the ground up. Here's Poppa and his creation.

On Friday we had a late afternoon shower just when I was finishing shopping. And when I got home, I took this picture while looking out my front door. Then I sat down and played "Rainbow Connection" on my guitar.

For Christmas last year my uncle Rod and aunt Lisa got Milo this fake fur blanket. He LOVES it. It's the thing that made him start rolling on the floor again -- something he really hasn't done since learning to walk. We really like it when he rolls on the floor. It's a good time to tickle him.

And Milo is 15 months old today! 1.25 years! Which means only three months until Christmas...


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