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Friday, May 04, 2007

Random Milo pictures to clear out my folder

In response to the growing criticism, okay -- I'll put some more recent pictures up. But first I need to put up some more old ones.

Mmm... delicious soapy bathwater. Have another mouthful!

Hooray for Poppa! Hooray for the Canucks! Hooray for still having one Canadian team in the playoffs! (Hoo-boy, that Buffalo/Ottawa series should be a good one.)

Milo loves his Peek-a-zoo. Four months of solid play and he still hasn't lost a piece. Plus he can name the animals and most of the shapes.

With the sky the colour of the backgrounds in 300, Milo poses in his Bears outfit. (The Bears suit, the Colts toque, and the Peek-a-zoo were all awesome presents from the family in Indiana. Thanks again everybody!) This was back when it was cold.

One of the rarest photos you'll ever see, my brother-in-law Brent smiling in a photo.

Milo usually kicks the full-sized soccer ball, but sometimes it's more fun with the happy face. It tires him out a little faster.


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