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Thursday, August 09, 2007

At Mika's birthday party

It was everything you'd expect from a birthday party: kids running everywhere (upstairs, downstairs, and in the back yard), adults outnumbering children roughly two to one, treats, presents, and the main event -- cake!

Although Milo's really more into the ice cream part of it. Whenever he gets a bowl of it (which he does if it's a hot day, we don't need him to go to bed right away, and he ate a good dinner), he looks at it and says "Happy Birthday to Milo!"

As you'd expect from a two-year-old, the party wore him out. All the cake, kids, noise, and fun necessitated some quiet time with Mom, looking at Mika's collection of Milo's birthday party photos. Good times.


Blogger LaurieD said...

Happy birthday, big guy!

11:51 AM


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