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Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday at Maplewood Farm

So Milo's birthday party was a rousing success -- thanks to everyone who came or sent birthday wishes!

It was a little iffy to start with... the massive downpour at 9:30 a.m. led to most of the party guests showing up in gumboots and raincoats, even though by 10:30 a.m., when the party started, it had cleared up and turned into a lovely day.

As a bonus, the entire farm was deserted for most of the morning, so we had the place to ourselves! Thanks, rainstorm!

If you ask Milo about his birthday party, he'll either start singing "Happy Birthday to You" or talk about the big tire. Yep, the big tractor tire in the goat run was a hit. He played on it by himself for a while before the goats came to check him out.

At one point, there were four kids and four curious goats all cohabiting comfortably, even though the goats were clearly looking for some tasty treat to gnaw on. For some reason, they really liked the dangly bits on my jacket.

Since Milo loved the pony ride SO much last time, we booked a pony for an hour to make sure that all the kids got all the rides they wanted. As you probably expect from a gang of two-year-olds, that translated into one ride each for the kids that weren't too freaked out to try it.

We tried to get Milo on for a second go-round, but he was content with one. Thanks Farmer Jim, for being so patient. And thanks Gorby for being a great pony.

Two candles, and an ice cream cake made from Mango gelato. That's the cake I want for my birthday. La Casa Gelato is the greatest ice cream shop in the city. Word.

And Milo blew out the candles, one at a time. Hooray!

Attention fellow attendees: send photos please! The kids saw horses, cows, pigs, chickens, bunnies, peacocks, sheep, donkeys, ducks, and many more animals, but I was too busy playing to document it all. I guess there's always next time...

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous heather said...

wooo. looks like fun. happy belated bday, milo!!

10:52 AM


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