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Monday, August 13, 2007

Milo's weekend on Vancouver Island

Despite the hell that is BC Ferries, we made it to Gramma and Poppa's house for the August long weekend. And even though there were tons of things to do in Comox (the Filberg Festival, Comox Nautical Days...) we stayed home with the simple things, like the lawnmower.

By lawnmower, I mean tractor. And just look who had the bigger smile. To be fair, Milo's only not smiling because he's entranced. He got to steer too.

Out on the sandbars of Miracle Beach at low tide, the sand is too fine and wet to make good sand castles, but the geoducks (pronounced gooey-ducks, people) are an endless source of amusement. Man, those things can squirt in my eye, and I'm 6'5". They go right over Milo's head.

Crabs, anemones, little fish, sand dollars... what a great place to explore.

We did actually make it into town one day, so Gramma could run some errands. We stopped at Marina Park to wander around, and Milo went on his first carnival-type ride.

He looked even more uncertain than he did on the lawnmower, but the little girl beside him talked him down. And when he got off, the first thing he said was "again!"

Oh, important note: We had the best mini-donuts I've ever eaten that day. Screw the doughy, undercooked ones at the PNE, these ones were absolutely perfect.

So much for our weekend on the island. As Poppa said, we really need to spend more than a weekend. I guess we'll head over there again for Thanksgiving, and plan for a week next summer.

Back in Vancouver, we took advantage of the holiday Monday to head up Lynn Valley. The hike from the Cleveland Dam down to the salmon hatchery isn't long and you can walk in the woods while breathing all the fresh oxygen.

Of course, it went right to Milo's head and he just ran until his little legs couldn't take it anymore. Then Daddy got to carry him on his shoulders all the way back up.


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