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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Milo 1, Hamper 0

This mobile Milo is quite a guy.

He crawls everywhere and pulls himself up on the couch, coffee table, kitchen chairs, random pantlegs, and guitar amp. Occasionally he finds something not so stable and really enjoys tossing it around.

He pulled out most of the toys is his basket (now overflowing -- he needs his first real toybox!) and then was incredibly pleased when he pulled the basket on top of him. Whee!

Next up, the laundry hamper. This was even better. Upside down, it's stable enough to support his weight -- plus it makes a good noise when you smash it. Right side up, it's light and easy to move. And on its side he can crawl into it, look around, crawl out, and squeal in triumph!

Victory is mine!


Blogger Daddy L said...

That is a GREAT picture.

12:27 PM

Blogger pinksaturn said...

that's a really big mouth

8:54 PM

Blogger pinksaturn said...

which is coooooooolio

8:54 PM


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