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Sunday, March 26, 2006

What I'm Listening To...

All right, for someone who listens to music all the time, I haven't written about it in ages. Time to fix that.

The latest album to get stuck in my head is the new Destroyer CD, Destroyer's Rubies. I've been getting through the first half on my bike ride to work in the morning and the last half on the way home. The rest of my day is spent humming "la-la-dee-da-da" bits from the songs... "Painter In Your Pocket" is particularly catchy. In fact, the whole album is great.

There's also a Destroyer Drinking Game, if you're so inclined. As esoteric as the album.

I've already written about Luke Doucet (Congratulations on your engagement!) but since he's up for a Juno and just played at South by Southwest, I think he deserves another plug.

Since his Juno nomination is in a category (Best Adult Alternative Album) with Blue Rodeo and Neil Young, I don't really expect him to win, but the nomination is awesome. And I KNOW he's going to staple Paul Coffey into the boards in the annual Juno Cup Hockey game. Plus, having a reviewer down at the festival write that Broken is the greatest album since Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks is pretty sweet praise too.

Just to stay current, here are some other faves:
1. Cat Power, The Greatest
2. The Eels, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
3. We Are Scientists, With Love and Squalor


Blogger Daddy L said...

All excellent choices there!

11:05 AM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

UPDATE: Luke actually played in goal for the hockey game, so I doubt he stapled anyone into the boards.

3:36 PM


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