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Monday, February 27, 2006

A Break in the Schedule

The other day we were over at a friend's house for a special occasion: a visit from a friend we haven't seen in many years.

Yup, he has a little guy too. Angus is a few years older and possibly the most polite five-year-old ever -- how many kids that age do you know who say "ma'am" when talking to adult women? And he does it in a to-die-for Kiwi accent.

Jeff took his Rhodes stage piano back with him. Milo was born about three feet away from that thing. I'm sure it only added to the sound.

Erin and Angus ham it up for the cameras. (With Jeff in the background.)

Angus really dug the instant gratification of seeing the photo in the little viewscreen. It's never too early to give kids digital cameras. Unless they're like Milo, and just try to eat them.

Ivy, Milo, and the Dread Pirate Robert in hockey-watching garb. (Ivy took her jersey off for some reason but don't worry, she has more Canucks clothing than I do.)


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