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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Milo in the Water

All right, Milo's napping and I have coffee in my hand. I've taken about five hundred photos since I actually posted some new ones up here so without further ado, the Dread Pirate Robert presents Milo's swimming lesson.

Man, this looks like the swimsuit competition. Babies, take your marks!

Aww, in the pool with Mommy. So far, so good.

Yee Haw! Daddy gets a turn. Actually, Daddy looks like he's enjoying it more than Milo. The water's a little cooler than he's used to in the tub but once he got used to it, he did okay.

Week 2 of the swimming lessons. That boy can kick, but we already knew that.

Yup, he likes the water.

The next week we didn't make it because Milo had a horrible sleep, got up late, and ended up off his schedule. By the time we were ready to go for his swim class, he really needed a nap so we bailed.

And last week, all plans were off and we rushed over to the island for Milo's great-grandmother's funeral. I'm so glad we spent a few days with her at Christmas when we had the chance.

Next lesson: tomorrow! Back to the water for us all!


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