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Monday, January 30, 2006

Note To Self...

Not everyone wants to see Milo naked.

Bathtime, while the highlight of my day (and, apparently, one of Milo's too), doesn't hold the same appeal to everyone else in the world.

Hey, I just want to share Milo's unbelievable cuteness with visitors, but I seem to get strange looks in return.

At least I've managed to refrain from asking our visitors to look at Milo's latest poop. "Oooh! It's more solid than runny! And look -- you can see tiny pieces of carrots in there! I should blend his food a bit longer next time..."

I'm sorry, okay? It's just fascinating stuff to me. American Idol (yawn), Survivor (ick),... I'll take a dirty diaper any day.


Blogger Daddy L said...

I totally hear you. When I post Naked Harris photos, I usually censor out the naughty bits. And when talking to others about The Boy, I have to catch myself from straying into the No-Go Zone: His Poop, Diapers, Spit Up, My Poop.

12:09 PM

Anonymous pinksaturn said...

It's pretty hilarious how poo is such an important topic. At least *you* censor yourself. I allways forgot that the world didn't share my rapture.

The best poop ever was one of Ivy's when she first started solid foods. I'd cooked and pureed carrots (bright orange) and peas (unearthly bright green) and fed the in that order. They came out exactly the same way... orange poop/line/green poop.

See, it still fascinates me.

7:27 PM


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