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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Longest Night of the Year

Hooray for the Winter Solstice!

From this day forth, let the days grow longer... seeing the sky turn dark at 4pm while looking out the window at work is a little depressing.

Tomorrow is my last chance to go shopping before we're into the holiday season proper. It's also my last day at work until 2006 and it's "Tara's Homemade Egg Nog Day." (The stories I've heard...)

As I get ready for bed on the longest night of the year, I can reflect on a bouncy little Milo dressed in his Santa bib staring at the lights on the Christmas tree. Oh how happy that jumper makes him...


Anonymous Meg said...

The nog, it was goooood. And Milo looked delish in his little outfit.

9:45 AM


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