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Monday, December 12, 2005

Time for a Prick?

Heh heh... it's flu shot time again and I'm thinking I just might do it.

I've never had a flu shot before -- my iron constitution and all that -- but our office is offering to innoculate everyone tomorrow and I might as well go for it. If you have horror stories about flu shots, I'd love to hear them before it's too late.

Of course, getting a flu shot just as I'm getting over the flu doesn't seem to be very good timing, but if it saves me another week of sweating all night and feeling miserable all day, then It'll be worth it.

Personally, the thing that made me decide to do it is that in the past two months I've had two colds/flus and I really don't want another. More importantly, I'm freaked out about giving them to Milo -- he's fine so far but it would just kill me to see him sick and miserable. I already feel bad enough seeing Erin sniffle and sneeze and the echinacea and zinc don't seem to be doing enough.

Uh-oh, my box of tissues at my desk is almost empty...


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