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Friday, November 11, 2005

Trekker Rock

A couple of days ago I was reading other people's blogs and I saw that Daddy L, writer of The Jasper Chronicles, wrote a blog about his Baby Trekker.

Well, I love mine too. Milo likes facing out and staring at everything when we hold him so he took to "The Octopus," as we call it, from day one. Actually, the nickname comes from the previous owner. Thanks Kim and Chris! (Milo looks incredible in Franklyn's old shirt, too!)

Back to the Baby Trekker. I can do dishes in it, do laundry, clean up, and still have Milo's fuzzy little head in kissing range. He loves being in the Trekker and dancing in front of the many mirrors in the house. I can tuck his hands inside it when it's cold outside or hold his little hands as we wander.

Most importantly - I hope other guitar-playing daddies realize this - I can play the guitar with Milo still in the Trekker. Not well, but the little wiggler really digs it. It's a little weird having your guitar about a foot further away from your chest than you're used to, but I just imagine that I suddenly got really fat.

Of course, I've been really busy for the last, oh, four and a half months so I haven't been playing guitar as much as I used to. And now, with a new audience, I have to work on my set list. So far I've worked out the chords for Rainbow Connection (Erin likes to sing it to him), The Tide is High (Milo likes Blondie!), and I just figured out Octopus' Garden yesterday. It's kind of a water themed collection of tunes - appropriate for hanging out in The Octopus and for our rainy Vancouver weather.

** The title of this post refers to playing guitar with Milo in the Baby Trekker and not a reference to that Star Trek episode where Spock breaks out the harp and rocks the Parthenon.


Blogger Daddy L said...

You can do the dishes? I can't seem to do anything "in front of me" with the boy strapped in.

11:12 AM

Blogger Derek said...

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