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Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank You Card

I have never been good with cards. One year I sent my Christmas cards out in March just because I was tired of seeing them sit around unsent for three months.

I'm no better at thank you cards. I'd much rather thank people in person, and be thanked in person too. I guess I just don't like cards (but I love letters) and presume that others feel similar.

Nonetheless, it's not always possible to thank people in person. When this happens to me, the guilt just builds and builds. (Before I forget, if there's anyone reading this that I forgot to thank for something, Thank You!) To that end, I have addressed this post.

Thanks Dan and Nadia for this great outfit!

I know the outfit is a 24 month size and Milo is only 4 months old, but I got this idea to see how he looked in it and couldn't stop laughing until I actually tried it on him. (Then I laughed some more.)

Yes, Daddy sometimes plays dress-up with the boy too. So I was thinking, 24 months? When Milo's two years old? Is that, perhaps, a clue telling us when you're finally going to come back to Vancouver? Sheesh, that's a long time.

On the other hand, with the rate this boy is growing (I think he was in the 91st percentile for height?), he may just fit the stuff by next summer. That would be a great time for a visit.

Oh - and the toque? It fits me now. Keeps my ears warm. Heh heh.


Blogger Tired Tunia said...

My hubby also doesn't do thank you cards. My MIL is still pissed AT ME for his failure to write thank you notes for our wedding 8 years ago. I wrote the thank yous for my side of the family, he was supposed to write them for his...oh well. Cute kiddo, he'll grow into those clothes before you know it, those sizes are always way off...

7:38 PM


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