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Monday, November 28, 2005

Avalanched Again

After Milo went to bed, I turned on the hockey game, all ready for a great one.

It was already 4-0 for the other team.

Ugh. How depressing. The good news is that the Canucks are still in first place. The bad news is that they keep having these atrocious starts and sometimes you can't just wait until the third period to get it together.

C'mon guys, get one in there!

The game ended with Colorado 6, Vancouver 2. Once again, the Av's seem to have our number.

The Silver Lining? Well, unfortunately, I moved Joe Sakic down to my reserve list in my hockey pool so his two goals still didn't help me, although Morrison's did. Tim (You Bastard!) is still killing all of us overall, leading for this month, and managed to beat me for the best week too.


Blogger Queen of Spain said...

Don't even talk to me about the lanche. They make nasty words spew from my mouth.

1:29 PM

Blogger Daddy L said...

Last time I witnessed an Avalance drubbing, Steve Moore was getting carried out on a stretcher. Two teams the 'Nucks seem to always have trouble with - Colorado and Minnisota. I think they let their emotions get the better of them in both cases.

3:20 PM

Blogger pinksaturn said...

Anson's offering up his bum. Nice.

10:08 PM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

I'm reminded of the South Park episode where Cartman learns sumo:
"There is indeed great power in your ass."

3:53 PM


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