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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Great Toot Forward

Milo hit a major developmental milestone last night and I was there to witness it.

Since I've started my new job I've been worried about missing out on quality time with our abnormally cute baby. (Five months old now and still growing!) As it turns out, we're getting into a good little schedule. I get home about 5pm and usually change a diaper, carry him around the house, play in his jolly jumper or bouncy chair, then lie under his activity center before naked time and a bath. I get my Milo fix and Erin gets her arms free for an hour or two.

Anyway, it was during bathtime that the momentous event occurred. The bath is a high point of my day - if he's cranky he perks up and just loves splashing around. I have him all to myself for the bath and we have some great chats. I still think it's hilarious when he hits the warm water, gets that look in his eyes, and just starts peeing all over the place. This time there was more; not too long after the waterworks, he put on another, equally odd expression and a bunch of tiny bubbles came out of his butt.

I can hear the collective "Awwww" from around the net: Milo's first fart. Maybe it's the Family Guy and South Park watching, maybe it's the bean-eating vegetarian mother... all I know is that Milo and his Daddy shared something pretty special just a few hours ago. A real Father/Son moment. And I didn't even have to pull his finger.


Blogger thordora said...

and soon begins the "was that a fart, or is it time to change the diaper" moments....

8:53 AM

Blogger Kristi said...

yeah...those moments are the best. Wait until you get to the point where you bury your nose in your baby's butt to sniff out a poopy diaper rather than go through the incredible hassle of actually checking the diaper visually. I swore I would never do it.

Aveline can rip some pretty loud ones. We often blame some on her too. Baby's are very convenient at times!

9:43 PM

Blogger Tired Tunia said...

Just wait until those cute little bubbles turn into floating logs in the tub. Our 4 year old didn't stop doing that until she was about 3. N.A.S.T.Y. Trust me. But enjoy your cute little farts while you still can!

8:54 AM


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