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Monday, December 12, 2005

Thirty Days to a Better Breastfeeding Blog

OK, so out of the three members of my immediate family, I'm the one who really has the least to do with breastfeeding. Nonetheless, it's a big part of my life these days. And I have to say that I'm pretty well-educated on the subject.

I started this blog to write about my thoughts and impressions of being a parent, music lover, curious guy, canucks fan, etc. and to share baby photos with my friends and family. And strangers as well -- everybody loves cute baby photos, don't they? I know John, they make you ill. Tough.

Anyway, I've been reading Jennifer Laycock's blog about breastfeeding and milk banks which I found because of her articles for Search Engine Guide, an industry news site I use at work (we're all about keeping on top of things, you know) and she's got a fascinating story going.

Her goal was to take a blog (hey, I have a blog...) and using only free tools (ooh, I like free) try to make money ($) in thirty days. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. So far, Day 18 if I'm not mistaken, she's made about $150. Hence this post. $150 bucks is not enough for the amount of work she's done.

I figure (or at least hope) that, like that One Grain of Rice story, her blog will start to reap the benefits of viral marketing and make some real money by Christmas. It's for a good cause, it's an important experiment in niche marketing, and her t-shirts are hilarious.

I like the "nip/suck" one and the "That's my baby's lunch you're staring at" shirts -- do you suppose my wife would like one for Christmas? I'd look silly wearing one.

Go Jennifer!

P.S. I should point out that aside from being a money-making experiment, Jennifer's blog is a subject dear to her. As the proud Mama of an almost-a-year-old baby she knows what she's talking about. Plus she just got mentioned in the New York Times!

Update: The link to The Lactivist's Cafe Press store with all those wonderful pro-breastfeeding t-shrirts is here. How foolish of me not to include it earlier.


Blogger Jennifer said...

"I'd look silly wearing one."

That's why I made those great shirts that say "My Kid's a Sucker..." Dad's need something fun to wear too...

Thanks for the kind words. Loved the post!

Jennifer "Milk Jugs" Laycock

7:31 PM

Blogger Kristi said...

Thanks for promoting The Lactivist site. I am a proud pumping mom and love to see breastfeeding promoted...especially by a man!

8:03 AM

Blogger Anne said...

Ahhhh ... my favorite topic. Boobs! And, er, breastfeeding. These shirts are hilarious. What a great idea.

3:50 PM


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