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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Oh, The Backlog...

Arrrrr Ye! Curses be to the Diaper Dame and her incessant blogging! The Dread Pirate Robert hates being scooped -- especially when it comes to cute baby pics of our son!

I suppose it's only fair -- she claims she's getting back at me for all that time she was too tired from 24-hour newborn care to post and I was unemployed and fancy free. (Well, not THAT fancy -- I'm still the Dread Pirate Robert, dammit.)

The most important thing is that just before the Christmas we bit the bullet and bought us a new camera. I had to admit that after six weeks of being "lost," our trusty Kodak EasyShare DX6440 (Probably the most-used wedding present we received -- other than our bed... nudge nudge wink wink) was just not going to be found and we couldn't miss another moment of Milo cuteness.

Say hello to the Nikon Coolpix S4 -- small, easy to use, and it looks cool. 10x optical zoom too and a huge viewscreen. It also took over 350 photos and a few movies before the rechargeable batteries finally died. A little tricky in low light, but I'm thrilled with it and think it'll be our last camera before I go for the digital SLR.

Without further ado, the pictures.

The first photo on my new camera. Yes, we bought Milo a santa suit just for the holidays. (It was on sale.) And no, I don't care how much of a geek he looks like. Just storing ammunition for the teenage years.

Aww... isn't that sweet! My lovely wife bringing me Guinness as I play with a new electronic gadget. Heaven.

Milo meets the alien, aka Crazypants Man. If you pull his antennae, he vibrates. Just like me!

I just couldn't put the camera down. I took over a hundred photos that first evening, including this one of the veggies I was sauteeing for the refried beans.

Next post, Christmas pics! (If I can find any that haven't already been posted elsewhere...)


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