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Monday, March 06, 2006

My New Video Store

For about a month now I've been renting DVD's from Canflix, a Canadian version of NetFlix.

What that means is that for $20 a month, they mail me up to three DVD's for as long as I want and will send me three more when I return them. So far, it works out to 5.37 rentals per month (they even do the conversion ratio for you) which is way cheaper than Blockbuster.

They also let you mark two more as in transit so you're never short of something to watch. Right now Erin and I are going through all the episodes of Firefly, the TV series that Serenity was based on, but we've also seen The 40 Year Old Virgin, Corpse Bride, The Life Aquatic, and the old Aeon Flux animated series, among others.

In short, I'm a big fan of the service and it saves me an extra trip to the video store. Now I can wander the aisles aimlessly -- and for hours -- in the comfort of my own chair. Or while I'm at work. Shhhh....

Hey Steph, here's the link to sign up -- first two weeks are a free trial! Let me know how it works out. Gotta go update my FlixList -- Harry Potter is out tomorrow.

Rent DVDs Online in Canada - Try Free


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