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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Milo's growing fast. Yesterday we hauled out a 12 month shirt from our "too big" box -- too small.

It seems like he's speeding down the highway of life -- and we don't want to miss any "sizeposts."

Do babies EVER wear out their clothes? I mean, he's only been crawling for a few days and isn't too hard on his knees yet, but when do they start wearing out clothing instead of outgrowing it?

Most of the stuff we have has been through several kids before us and still looks great. Even some of our brand new stuff only got worn half a dozen times before it went into the "Big Box for whoever has the next baby." (Except for the stuff Erin wants to keep for Milo's sibling of the future...)


Anonymous John Senior said...

O-hisashiburi! Remember me?
Looks like you and Erin have been busy since you left Japan! Milo is gorgeous!
There's lots to catch up on, but for the time being check out me and my wife Sumi's own bundle of joy at http://www.transenior.com/alice.html
It's been a bumpy ride, as you'll see, but we wouldn't swap her for the world.
Hope to catch up with you soon. My e-mail is jsenior[at]gmail.com. Cheers!

8:59 PM

Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I don't think The Goon Squad ever wore any clothes out, but we have stained clothes so badly that we couldn't justify handing them down OR giving them to charity.

It's always the bananas.

5:15 AM


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