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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wanted: One Ukulele

I'm not going to get into those "my kid is cuter than your kid" debates -- it's pointless... especially with the photographic evidence clearly in my favour.

But the music thing? All right, Mister Daddy L whose unbelievably cute Harris is seen here totally rocking out on the drum kit, you have compelled me to respond.

Yes, it's a singalong! It's just that his tiny hands are too small for a real guitar right now. I was looking at this awesome ukulele the other day -- brand new with a nice pickup and fully ready to plug in -- but it was a hundred bucks.

And right now Milo just digs the sound the guitar makes when you slap it. Or grab a few strings and yank with all your might. Or hit it with your sand shovel. Or grab it and pull it off the shelf and onto the floor (or his leg). Or rips the pick guard off. (It was already loose...)

Maybe I'll wait a bit. He really should learn on Guitar Hero first, anyway.


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Have you tried pawn shops?

Also, TRU actually has some smaller guitars. I bought one for my then two year old, she loves her guitar. I still have to stop her from sitting on it though.

9:03 AM


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