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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Milo loves mush

After all but refusing to eat anything he couldn't handle with his fingers, Milo likes eating mushy food again, provided he gets to be the spoonmaster.

Using a two-spoon approach, with a parent manning one spoon and Milo the other, he gets more food in his mouth than on his body. Sometimes, just barely.

I think in these pictures, he's eating squash. How appropriate, since it makes such a delightful noise when you bring your hand down on a dollop of it at full speed.


Blogger LaurieD said...

I predict more mush-face photos. Don't stop til you have the whole rainbow! You'll love to look back at them and they make great blackmail material when Milo's older. That and tickle pix. Especially naked tickle pix. tee hee.

10:58 AM


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