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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ergonomic Keyboard for Pirates

Only one more sleep until International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

There, now pirates everywhere can get wired up and communicating faster and more efficiently. Convenient for the hook-handed too! Arrr!


Blogger chris said...

Um, well, what's to be said for them that was thought to be dead? Darlings, it's your long lost pal chris tait and I was just playing my guitar and thinking about you guys and jesus, how the hell did that happen that we haven't been in contact for ever? Negligence is so much more corrosive than diligence. I've spent some time here tonight in your blogs and I'd love to have contact with you again and make plans for our offsprings to meet each other. Milo looks just fucking outrageously awesome and it's been a soul warmer for me just to see your grinnin' mugs. If you care to drop a line, I'm at chris@liftcommunications.ca
stay well m'lovelies

8:33 PM


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