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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is Five Alive?

Okay, riddle me this: how can a beverage like Five Alive, a blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and lime juices (plus a hefty dollop of high fructose corn syrup or "sugar/glucose-frucose," depending on where you are) have NO VITAMIN C?

That's what it says on the side of my can, that it's "not a significant source" of Vitamin C, even with all that juice and extra citric acid.

Well, Vitamin C degrades over time and by the time the expiry date hits, there may be no measurable Vitamin C left in the can. (Hey, so maybe there is!)

I guess there's potentially a bit in the concentrates they originally add to the vats, but the whole process must basically remove any and all nutrients from the stuff to the point where it's about as nutritious as a Coke. Or a Coke can. Or a pile of sand.

Come to think of it, a pile of sand doesn't contain ANY high fructose corn syrup, so that may be a better option, if you're not too thirsty.

I'm sure that in the past, the stuff was actual juice. Wasn't it originally developed by Minute Maid, before Minute Maid got bought by Coke?

And I remember when Fruitopia was actual juice. They got bought by Coke and turned into a kind of Kool-Aid too. And even Sobe used to be kind of nutritious and not full of corn syrup, until they got bought out too.

I know it's not as profitable, but I really with that they'd make some kind of beverage that isn't a major cause of obesity and tooth rot.

Oh wait, there's always water: Coke brand Dasani water -- for the same price as a Coke! Think of all the money they save by leaving out the sugar altogether!


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