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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another trip to the island

When you have a backlog of cute photos, the only thing to do is to catch up en masse.

First up, Milo in his new Gramma-made fleece vest. He's actually wearing it today as well, and it's gonna fit him all winter.

Even when the weather forecast for the entire weekend is constant rain every day, we try to get to the park. Lo and behold, it actually got sunny for a few hours so we jumped on the opportunity and revisited the place where we were married.

In the middle of October you don't see too many people visiting Miracle Beach Provincial Park. I suspect it's because of the "beach" part.

The beach was lovely. We saw some spiders, a heron, an eagle, some ducks, a squirrel, and a garter snake that Milo tried to talk to. And when we were done, we all went in the hot tub!


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