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Friday, October 19, 2007

Milo is happy wherever he goes

Aah, the playrooms of BC Ferries. A slide (on most vessels), a couple of fiberglass boats and a car (fixed to the floor, except on one ship), and a room full of kids and parents.

It's way too boring for older kids, but two-year-olds like it just fine, for about half an hour. However, they've put TVs in many of them that now play a loop of Bugs Bunny cartoons. The difference between a room full of toddlers running and playing and making noise, versus a room full of toddlers all sitting and staring in the same direction, is disturbing.

And Milo can make funny faces. Here's he's actually trying to make a face, but in the next one, he's just chewing something while off-balance. It's a better picture, even if it does kind of make him look like a cartoon.


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