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Monday, February 04, 2008

The move so far

1. The movers (5 experienced, powerful young men) tried and tried to get our Queen sized box spring up the stairs. They gave up and said it was impossible without cutting out a large chunk of the bannister. We slept on the floor.

The next day, my parents, senior citizens on a mission, arrived. We slept on our very own bed in our new bedroom that night for the very first time. I'm glad I have their genes and muscles.

2. Hooray! Our house has a dishwasher! Let's run it...

We ran next door to get a plunger after it backed up and overflowed our kitchen sinks -- apparently it hadn't been run in several years and the pipes were FILLED with yucky black gunk. It also doesn't turn off and kept the dish dryer on for three hours until the plastics were almost melted.

It needs to be replaced ASAP.

3. After phoning Star Choice twice, and confirming (twice!) that my satellite dish would be hooked up and installed at our new house on Saturday, February 2, we received a phone call from the installer at 4:30 p.m. saying he was at the house and ready to install it. In Vancouver. At the house we just moved out of.

Even worse, they wouldn't be able to install the dish at the CORRECT address here in Gibsons until Tuesday.

Hey, can you think of any reason why I might have called to confirm explicitly that the dish would be up and running by Sunday? Super Bowl Sunday? Hmm? >_<

I can't type any more. I have too many boxes to open, and I'm trying to actually work from home today. I encourage your sympathetic comments.


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