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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You know you've been online for a long time when...

1. You used to use HotBot as your main search engine.
2. You were giddy when you upgraded from a 14.4 modem to a 28.8. Whee! Lookit me now!
3. You kinda wish you could still see your old Geocities home page. (Or your Angelfire one, for that matter.)
4. Seven Cities of Gold for the C64 was, like, the best game ever. WAY better than Jumpman.
5. You have a Hotmail account with a five-letter word as your username, but you never use it because of all the spam.
6. "Press Play on Tape" is old-school computer lingo.
7. You cried when your fifteen-pound PowerBook 100 finally died. (Okay, so it was really closer to 6 pounds... but it felt like more.)
8. You still have a floppy disk (that's actually floppy) with MS-DOS on it in your office.
9. You still remember the code you wrote in BASIC to generate ability scores for your D&D characters.
10. You have a 5-digit ICQ account, but you haven't logged on in years.


Blogger Tim said...

Jumpman was awesome.

2:06 PM


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