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Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer 2008 update: it's half over!

Despite my best intentions, I have no new photos to post today. While adding some music to my iTunes folder here at work, I inadvertently restored the iPod settings, which deleted the new photos I was going to post here.

Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check out my new job!

Kidzsmart Concepts, here on the sunny Sunshine Coast, makes fun, educational custom branded colouring books, activity books, kids placemats, growth charts, and more (it's a bright and cheery place) for huge clients like the Ottawa Senators, BC Lions, 2010 Olympics, Boston Pizza, Telus, East Side Mario's, T.G.I.Friday's, and more that I'm just learning about, like this one for NCAA Basketball:

Check out the site at Kidzsmart.com, or the sister site at Kidsplacemats.com.

Oh, in case you're looking for baby news, Morris is 29 days old and doesn't want me to get enough sleep. Yes, pics tomorrow. :D


Anonymous Stephanie in Vcr said...

Hey.... cool! Do they produce in CA as well as design? You know me- I'm a huge fan of Canadian stuff.... that's MY business!

6:19 PM

Blogger Dread Pirate Robert said...

Yup, all our design is in-house here in Canada, and we produce in Canada for the Canadian market.

We also have distribution and printers in the USA and UK for serving those markets. (No border issues!)

1:57 PM


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