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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hooray! He Smiles!

Everyone seems to comment on how serious and thoughtful Milo looks. I think he's just stunned by the shiny newness of everything. However, he hasn't smiled that much - until recently. Suddenly, he loves being on the change table! And I've caught a few blurry smiles on the camera!

Of course, I take the scattergun approach to Milo photos. My camera can hold 306 photos, which is way more than the battery can manage. On the other hand, since the flash seems to have quit working, maybe the battery will last longer. Sigh. Yes, my camera seems to be broken. I suppose that bodes ill for my Flickr and Fotolog pages. Even worse, all Milo pics will have to be outside.

This being Vancouver, it's raining right now. Time to turn on Creation Steppin' Radio, pour myself a coffee, and play some Diablo II before the boy wakes up.


Blogger Erin said...

What a beautiful smile and a precious boy!!!! Just wait - next will come full "body smiles" - when they are smiling, there whole body quivers with joy!!! Amazing gift you got there!


2:49 PM

Blogger Nanette said...

So cute!!!

8:55 PM


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