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Monday, September 19, 2005

Three Tragedies

My last blog is clearly the most boring and useless entry I have written to date. I can only blame it on extreme exhaustion and poor cognitive functioning, which brings me to my gripe for the day.

Is George Bush trying to cover up the number of people who died on his watch? The Martian Anthropologist recently reported that the official body count management and mortuary services duties for the victims of Katrina has been contracted out to a friend of the Bush family when these duties are traditionally done for free by volunteers. Patronage and corruption in the midst of horror. I certainly expect to see the super-rich make billions off the land speculation too.

The thing that really set off alarm bells for me was that Bush and Rumsfeld have already been doing the same thing in Iraq! While the official death toll there is almost 2000 dead soldiers, there are louder and louder reports that the numbers are closer to almost 10,000 deaths and over 24,000 wounded. It seems that if the soldiers die on the way to surgery in Germany or while receiving medical attention, then they just don't count toward the official total. Tell that to the families, you jerk. Hope they impeach you.


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